3 Thoughts On The Myth Of Self-Esteem

The myth is as follows:  once we have increased our self-esteem then we are in the position where we can face the emotional and physical challenges of a potential failure.

The problem with this myth:

  • it assumes that failure is the negative event and it’s not – most failure provides necessary learning for greater future success
  • it assumes that “self-esteem” is something that can be enhanced apart from daily challenges we all face, making self-esteem appear more artificial than it is
  • it assumes that you must have high self-esteem to be successful and there is little evidence to support this in cognitive psychology

What we do know is that by taking a risk, the courage of that moment of action can be transformed into increased self-esteem for even more creative action.  In fact, it’s the very best fuel available and it’s contagious.