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How Companies Get In Trouble (And What To Do About It)

My career has been focused on helping companies turn around failing operations and improve overall performance.  The situations we’ve faced include stagnant product lines, erosion of market share, significant disorganization, and failing divisions within otherwise healthy entities. When I enter a company for the first time, I focus on some key questions that are worth… Read more

Relationships Trump Contracts

Legal contracts are a necessary part of personal and professional life.  We use them to buy a home, structure a business transaction, and even confirm a marriage.  But a competent attorney will tell you what we all know:  legal contracts can’t anticipate every potential circumstance.  So, we build in mediation and arbitration clauses, but this… Read more

5 Ways To Build Meaningful Relationships From Contacts

At AzBL we talk about the importance of connecting and building business relationships as a member. It’s one of our differentiators as an association and a major reason we have retained a solid base of long-term members. Of course, we were all new members at one time. Today, most feel very connected to AzBL, while… Read more

The Old Fashioned Way

On May 8th Arizona Business Leadership recognized Grand Canyon University (GCU) with our annual Arizona Business Leadership Award™. Brian Mueller, GCU President and CEO, gave an inspiring speech with a focus on the “old fashioned way.” The old fashioned way he described is very contemporary in a number of respects: Disruptive innovation has been a… Read more

Business Is Personal

During her recent ABL presentation Rhoda Olsen, the CEO of Great Clips, repeated this mantra several times:  business is personal.  Words like “personal” have many connotations.  In this context it was about the “30,000 stylists who are the daily strength of your brand.”  Simply put, it is about trust and connection with your fellow workers…. Read more