Jeff Hunt, Brand Under Fire


What if you were the executive at Tokyo Electric Power Company in Fukushima, Japan the day a Tsunami triggered one of the largest nuclear disasters in history? What if you were the gas company representative that had to announce that a massive gas leak caused 2500 residents to be displaced from their homes? What would you do? Whether the crisis is financial, an accident, or something an Executive said, businesses need to be prepared to act – and act quickly. The question is, will they be ready? And if not, who do they turn to?

If you are an AzBL member, you turn to the January 11, 2018 AzBL event where we will welcome Jeff Hunt, partner and co-founder of PulsePoint Group, a division of ICF International, a management and digital consulting firm that provides insight, strategy development and strategic execution for communications and marketing management challenges.

Jeff Hunt has had more than 25 years of experience and has lived and worked in every major region of the world, working with CEOs and other top executives at well-known companies like DuPont, IBM, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Dell, Nike, Whole Foods and Motorola. He specializes in crisis management and preparedness; working with the C-level on communications; branding, positioning, reputation management and the importance of social media.

Hunt believes that digital media – and the instant access it gives ‘citizen journalists’ – is changing the way businesses need to think about how and when to communicate, especially when faced with a crisis or challenge. For example, Hunt helped the Japanese executives in Fukushima learn the importance of putting information into context for reporters, versus sharing raw data and using industry jargon leaving room for misunderstanding. During the Aliso Canyon gas leak, Hunt helped SoCal gas navigate very public concern by communicating quickly, being transparent and being creative. Hunt linked the SoCal Gas webpage to the YouTube infrared video of the natural gas emission plume during the leak. Since the video was attracting a large audience, why not use that content to draw stakeholders to the SoCal site—and to its key messages. Pretty creative. Core values, integrity, transparency, agility and creativity; Hunt will tell you these are the foundation of any good crisis management plan, but making sure you have the plan is the trick.

Prior to co-founding PulsePoint Group, Hunt was the president of Cohn & Wolfe, a global public relations firm, spent three years as president and chief executive officer of GCI Group and had an 18-year career with Burson-Marsteller. Hunt holds a Bachelor of Journalism, with honors, from the University of Texas at Austin and serves as an adjunct professor at the University’s College of Communications. Hunt is the author of Brand Under Fire: A New Playbook for Crisis Management in The Age of Digital.

Join us this January 11, 2018 to learn more. Hunt will take your questions, talk in more detail about how he assisted with the Fukushima nuclear disaster, The Aliso Canyon gas leak, the Robyn Gardner Aruba case and may even share more about his 5 key principals to effective crisis management. If you have ever wondered how you might handle a crisis or challenge in your business, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from this expert business leader.

We extend our gratitude to this month’s featured event partners, Infincom and Alliance Bank of Arizona. Please visit them by clicking on their name above to access their websites.

Thursday, January 11, 2018
5:00 pm Registration & No Host Cocktails
6:00 pm Welcome by AzBL President, Kerry McBay
6:15 pm Dinner & Conversation
6:45 pm Presentation by Jeff Hunt, Author of Brand Under Fire & Partner, ICF
7:45 pm Meeting Adjourns

Gainey Ranch Golf Club
7600  Gainey Club Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

​$75 per person
RSVP requested by 1/9/18
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