Simon Taylor

Founded in 2011, WGM Associates LLC is an Arizona-based provider of managed IT infrastructure and cyber-security services, regulatory compliance and IT/security governance consulting, and digital forensics investigative services for local SMBs, large enterprises, non-profits and government organizations. I joined WGM in February this year after spending the previous two years helping a UK-based cyber-security start-up… Read more

Camille French

Originally from Salt Lake City, UT, I moved to Arizona to attend ASU with the sole purpose to get out of the snowy, cold weather.  For my undergraduate degree, I studied Accounting until my senior year, when I realized that I was more interested in Human Resources and Organizational Development.  I wrapped up a degree… Read more

Kelly Froelich

ER2 recycles electronics, such as computers, servers, monitors, and printers. Our main objectives are to keep materials out of the landfills and to get computers into the hands of individuals and families that might not be able to afford new equipment. We do this by picking up other companies “end of life” electronics and we… Read more

Bill F. Miller

Clear Growth is an established advisory and placement boutique investment banking firm based in Scottsdale.  Clear Growth serves strong emerging growth companies revenues between $10-200MM in the west.  CGC develops institutional capital options over $1 million. CGC also offers M&A options for owners/CEOs for gradual exit or a sale. . FINRA compliant and licensed… Read more

Judy Stith

Horizon Health and Wellness is a non-profit integrated health care organization that addresses the whole person and promotes wellness, thereby helping its client’s and patient’s health and the health of their families.  Operating for 40 years serving numerous rural Arizona communities, Horizon offers a full range of mental health services for all ages and stages… Read more

Allen Goldman

I am the founder and CEO of Skindinavia, a cosmetics brand begun in 1995 with global distribution in such retailers as Sephora, Ulta, and Macy’s. I am a Boston native having moved to wonderful North Scottsdale in 2014 to be closer to key clients and enjoy a lifestyle free of New England’s brutal winter season…. Read more

Jodi Low

After nearly 20 years as a business development and marketing professional, I made the decision to follow my avidity for leadership training and launched U & Improved in 2008. Now an award-winning personal and professional development company, U & Improved has an overriding mission of providing sustainable and purposeful leadership skills that tie directly to… Read more

Andrew Kaufman

In 2013, I was brought into the senior leadership of Worldwide Jet, and made the President and Chief Operating Officer.  In 2015, I was named Chief Executive Officer, and responsible for the day-to-day flight and business operations of Worldwide Jet, including new business development, client relations, and aircraft acquisitions. In addition to my office responsibilities,… Read more

Jill Barnard

I am the CFO at Mountainside Fitness. As an avid fitness enthusiast I have the opportunity every day to enjoy a business I am passionate about. Mountainside offers an incredible product. We are a mid-level price point that offers a high amenity experience. Towels, child care, the latest equipment, and 16 on trend facilities in… Read more

Melissa Ahearn Lange

Melissa, an Arizona native, graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in three years. Melissa has always recognized the importance of financial health and stability. In 2008, Melissa became a Financial Advisor and is now affiliated with Northwestern Mutual – Southwest. Although her clients know how to create their… Read more