Bill F. Miller

Managing Director & Partner / Clear Growth Capital, Inc, Scottsdale

Clear Growth is an established advisory and placement boutique investment banking firm based in Scottsdale.  Clear Growth serves strong emerging growth companies revenues between $10-200MM in the west.  CGC develops institutional capital options over $1 million. CGC also offers M&A options for owners/CEOs for gradual exit or a sale. . FINRA compliant and licensed individuals.

Clear Growth Capital serves CEOs of midsized companies in western states with two major areas of focus:

  • Growth capital options for midsized businesses and M&A services.
  • Mergers & acquisitions includes pre-consulting, valuation, confidential campaigns, qualifying prospective buyers, negotiations, and due diligence.

I enjoy establishing a strong network of professional services individuals who are ethical and accomplish goals for their clients and businesses. I enjoy connecting referral partners with introductions and possible leads. I also enjoy the variety of types of midsized companies CGC can serve and geographic western region from CA to Texas, plus remaining connected to professional partners.

The biggest challenge is CEOs and owners of companies do not need investment bank services very often thus I have to cast a wide net.  As Partner, my key responsibility is Client Origination. My previous experience spans over 12 years in corporate transactional work. Prior I was a travel and convention executive for Phoenix, Long Beach, LA and consulted to over 70 destinations.

My education included University of Houston where I headed a large service fraternity, a rock and roll band and studied business and broadcast management. I also participated in MBA work. I held a Certification in Association Management and now hold securities licenses. Other activities include Co- Founder, Arizona Business Council, Past President and Board; Served on boards/committees of ASAE, IACVB, NTA, TIA, CA Tourism Corp. etc.  and Vice Chair, U.S. Senate Travel Industry Advisory Council.  A veteran, served in: USAF and USNR:  Public Affairs Officer (LT) and air intelligence briefer for pilots. My personal time is spent golfing, husband of Reta Miller for 2 years, grandfather to 3 boys and church volunteer.

I was introduced to AzBL by Jeff Bucher and Richard Lippert, and have attended many AzBL events as a guest over the past few years and look forward to meeting and connecting with the members over the coming months.