Bret Zahn

Director/General Manager / ON Semiconductor

When I begin working with a company like ON Semiconductor I always ask “what do you do best?”  Focusing on core strengths is one of the optimal ways to help an organization improve performance and the same is true for me.  I love to come into a company and help them fix things.  It’s incredibly satisfying to help senior management come together, collectively look at where potential changes can be made, and then appreciate the results of a team effort.  One of the most important things I have learned is that you can’t sit on a successful product or service too long without refreshing your revenue with new products and services.  It’s easy to become complacent and then wake up to rapidly declining margins.  Based on over 20 years of experience, it’s the same in every organization irrespective of your marketplace or industry.

For fun I like to take my modified 2011 Harley Fat Boy Lo on the backroads.  Sometimes, I spontaneously get up and go, which is very enjoyable and a great way to see the country while learning about new places.  I also stay physically and mentally fit with running, cycling, and lifting weights.  My two kids are very special as is the rest of my family.  My parents are both retired teachers with my Dad having been a certified golf teacher for the PGA.  My older brother is also a teaching pro, but the golf DNA stopped with him!

I joined AzBL in 2009 as part of my larger goal to become more active in community organizations like the Arizona Affiliate of the Partnership for a Drug Free America (, where I am a Board member.  AzBL has been an amazing experience for me and it has led to me becoming Vice-President of Membership and a member of the Communications Committee.  There is an incredible variety of people and industries at AzBL and I’m sometimes surprised what products and services people can turn into very successful businesses.  My message to new members is “embrace the variety.”