Chris Sharfner

Owner / C&J Professional Cleaning Services

Originally from Chicago, I graduated in the top of my high-school class and immediately was offered a basketball scholarship to Xavier as well as an academic scholarship to Purdue, both of which I declined.  Instead, I chose to serve our Country and joined the United States Air Force and served as a member of a Special Operations Unit.  Rather than jumping to dunk basketballs, I jumped out of airplanes for four years.

Since jumping out of planes is no longer a government sponsored option, I now choose to work out and ride my Ducati to stay in shape.  In fact, I do 2-a-days workouts 5 days a week.  I also enjoy weekly Bikram hot yoga, and play basketball several nights each week.

Upon finishing my tour in the Air Force, I took a position as a broker at Merrill Lynch.  I realized after about a year that I didn’t enjoy working inside an office, especially not talking about someone else’s money.  I changed professions and worked on the opposite side of the fence, asking for people’s money at a collections agency.  I worked mostly from home and made a great living doing it – until the day the CEO called and told me that I made too much money!  I reminded him that I was in sales and that it was positive that I made the company 10 times as much as I was being paid.

That conversation really made an impact on me, his going on about how he “lived in a double-wide when he was my age”, and at that moment it hit me:  one day he would decide that he was not going to want to pay me what I am worth!  I decided then that I wanted to work for myself, make my own path and control my own destiny.

I founded C&J Professional Cleaning Services in 2004 with just a $500 investment.  I am very proud to say that today that we have 76 employees in 3 states and the company is very successful in such a short amount of time. I am a single father with 3 daughters, one at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater, another a freshman at Ole’ Miss (both on academic scholarships) and my youngest, just 9 years old, is playing club volleyball.