Jeff Bucher

CEO, Infincom

One of my greatest satisfactions in nearly 35 years of leadership has been the exceptional relationships I have developed with my customers and colleagues.  It has been very personally rewarding for me to work with customers who have known many of the same challenges as we have and prospered despite a myriad of obstacles along the way.  There is something to be said for dealing with adversity and coming out the other side with the confidence that you can do just about anything.  Since 1980 I have worked in the copier business, eventually selling Infincom to a like-minded company, Caltronics, which is based in Sacramento.  This has been a great opportunity for me, my wife and partner, Tiffany, and our employees.  When we decided to sell it was very important to us that our buyer be aligned with our values and people, which has been the case with Caltronics.  Today, I’m back to basics in the world of copiers which is evolving along with the rest of the digital world.  It’s an exciting time filled with tremendous possibilities for all of us.

Tiffany and I have been married since 2000 and we have three fantastic kids.  My oldest son is a 24 year-old Marine officer stationed at Camp Pendleton and we also have two 17 year-old high school juniors who are not far from embarking on their own journeys.  Golf remains a passion as it has been since high school days.  I now get to enjoy playing here in the Valley, as well as in Sedona, on a more frequent basis than when I started in business.  Traveling has also been very rewarding for us including a fantastic trip last year to Paris, France.  The history is amazing and to see a 1500 year old building still standing is remarkable to me.  We have a great family and I feel fortunate to be in their company, especially as our last two kids prepare to leave the nest.

AzBL has been a tremendous organization for my personal and professional growth.  You find great, high quality people and leadership throughout the organization, with support when you need it.  Everyone at AzBL knows what it takes to run a successful organization and I hope to make a greater contribution as my career evolves.