Kerry W. McBay

CEO / Arizona Eye Specialists

My professional career has been focused on mentoring and developing people, whether in my past role with Macy’s or Dillard’s or my current CEO position with Arizona Eye Specialists.  In the past few years, we’ve become one of Phoenix’s top brand in ophthalmology services. Arizona Eye Specialists is committed to helping our employees articulate what they truly believe while understanding that outstanding patient service is the key to our success.  The diversity of my experience has also given me a very rich perspective on how important it is to give back to our community.  I’ve been an Executive Recruiter, an Director of HR, Learning & Development and Operations and a Chief Operations Officer. One of my accomplishments was developing a board game for Macy’s Corporation to learn the importance of credit.  Occasionally, someone out the blue will say, “So, you’re the person that created that fun game.”  It sounds funny, but I felt it was a great project that culminated in a very positive outcome and helped further promote and grow a national retail organization.

One of the most exciting aspects of working for AES is it brought me back to the Valley where I worked previously for over 20 years and is home to both my wife’s family as well as my own family.  Debbie, my wife of 26 years, and I have three children, Brittany (23), Brandon (20), and Brielle (17).  They all lead very full lives and our home can be quite the center of activity sometimes!  In my spare time I love to run, bicycle, play tennis and watch baseball.  My Dad played AAA ball for the Chicago Cubs. When I was young and growing up, my dad would take us to the ball park to play catch with famous baseball players. What a great experience at such a young age!

I’ve been a member of AzBL for over 6 years and truly love it!  Everyone brings their intellectual wealth to the events with lots of great stories and I learn something new each time I attend.  When someone talks to me about joining AzBL, the first thing I tell them is “you can’t miss out on this great opportunity!”  Most CEOs are very selective about their time, so the fact that we have nearly 170 members making a commitment to AzBL, really says something.  It’s also a group with a lot of warmth and the members really care about each other.  It’s hard to find that in most professional organizations.