Lori Coruccini

Co-Founder/Better Learning Systems

It has become increasingly clear to me that helping organizations to achieve their goals and individuals to realize their dreams requires that we tap in to what makes a person ‘tick’ as we hire and retain the best employees.  Leveraging the skills and talents of individuals/employees has become the focus of my professional life.  Through Better Learning Systems and our three relayed companies (Know Your Talents, LearnKey, and LearnCast) we strive to create the ultimate learning experience for companies and individuals who engage us.  We are a family operation (I’m the baby of four siblings – 3 of us as owners) with each of us as entrepreneurs and amazingly we work very well together!  Much of our success comes from our discipline in developing a strategic plan from the beginning and aligning each of us organizationally with our talent and skills in mind.  It’s very important to practice what we preach and emphasize the “why” of our operation, for employees, clients and especially in the key decisions we make.  When we do, we gain trust and build morale for the entire organization.  Before Better Learning Systems I was an executive in the staffing industry with several companies, including Predix, which I still own.  At Better Learning Systems, our employees (60 and growing) are the heartbeat of our business and want each of them to have an opportunity to “build their own castles.”

My husband, Jeff (also the CEO of Better Learning Systems), and I enjoy a very active life including biking, hiking with our pups, (recently we traversed the Grand Canyon) and traveling internationally.  Our family life includes spending time with both sets of our parents and we’ve made a conscious effort to plan our lives so we can support them as they are getting older.  We love spending time with our nieces and nephews who add to the richness of our family.  Every day we are so grateful for the opportunities that God has enriched us with to be able to make a difference in a student’s or Veteran’s or an employee’s life so that they too can fulfill their dreams!

AzBL has truly been an important part of my professional activities for the past two years. In fact, it has made such a powerful impression that I reduced every other professional activity so I could really focus here. Today, I am the Partnership Chair and spend time attracting corporate sponsors for AzBL events. We have made tremendous progress because our sponsors see what most members experience – gifted executives who welcome other entrepreneurs with open arms while offering some great leadership stories. AzBL is a wonderful educational experience that enables members to learn fabulous ways to help others.