Melissa Ahearn Lange

Financial Advisor / Northwestern Mutual – Southwest

Melissa, an Arizona native, graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in three years. Melissa has always recognized the importance of financial health and stability. In 2008, Melissa became a Financial Advisor and is now affiliated with Northwestern Mutual – Southwest.

Although her clients know how to create their own wealth, they’re often far too busy to ensure they’re optimizing and protecting it along the way. Melissa has assembled a team of experts nationally to help clients focus deeply on retirement distribution planning that is usually multi-generational in nature, and risk management solutions.

Melissa believes human capital is the most critical form of capital for a business. Melissa and her team also help owners with strategies to better attract, retain and incent key employees.

Melissa is most fascinated by behavioral psychology—from learning what motivates people to their varying forms of self-sabotaging emotions and behaviors. She believes part of her role is to protect people from themselves. Melissa prides herself on being a great listener and genuinely strives to help her clients sleep better at night. She generously opens her networks to those she trusts and eager to help, and is known for connecting people in the community.

Melissa has been recognized within Northwestern Mutual for several years as a top leader (called a Forum- level advisor), and is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table. She earned her Chartered Life Under degree, holds her investment and insurance licenses, and is a Certified Long Term Care specialist.

In Melissa’s spare time, she is obsessed with spending time with her family.  Currently Melissa has one son named Elliot and she and her husband, Kevin, are in the process of adopting a second child. Melissa has desired to adopt since she was a little girl!  In addition to spending time with her family, Melissa enjoys working out (Orange Theory and tennis are her latest favorites).

Melissa is also an active member of Teach for America’s regional associate board and believes education for the underserved is a ticket to world-change, starting in her own backyard of Arizona.

Melissa is excited to be part of AZBL and is thankful for Lori Coruccini for re-introducing her to the Organization.