Michelle LaFlam

Executive Director/AzBL & President/SAM, Inc.

My relationship with AzBL began in 1995 when I returned to my career in association management after a stay-at-home-mom period in my life.  It was also a time of huge transition for AzBL as we broke off from ACG to create our own unique group of business executives.  It was a crazy, exciting time and it’s great to see what has developed with our membership over these past two decades.  Association management has been my thing for some time (I began when I was 18!) and it’s a wonderful profession for me.  I am able to work with a very diverse group of leaders, there is incredible flexibility in how we work together and I’ve made fantastic friends over the years.  A lot of people don’t know that my husband, Bryan, and I own two other technology-related companies as well; Clean Room Plastics, Inc. and Global Measurements Technology, Inc.

Bryan and I have been married for 25 years and we have recently become partial empty nesters as our eldest of two sons is now a freshman at ASU, while the youngest remains at home as a junior in high school. We do a lot together as a family including enjoying our relatively new cabin near Heber up north in the national forest.  It’s a great escape.  We also enjoy traveling whenever we can which includes supporting Bryan in his drag racing.  I’m a great spectator (never a driver!) and also the race team’s cook and cleaner.  We always have a great time and it’s nice to take a break from our demanding professional lives.

Having worked with many different associations, I truly believe AzBL is one of the best business groups around, if not the very best.  The quality of leadership in the organization is outstanding, the relationships long-term and the speakers are tremendous.  AzBL is comprised of great companies and the possibilities for rewarding connections are unlimited.