Rob Gramhill

Senior Vice President / Alliance Bank of Arizona

I grew up in Minneapolis, MN where I played baseball, football, and did what most people who live in snow and cold 8 months out of the year do, skied and skated a lot.  Although a nice place to grow up, I quickly realized that it is probably much more enjoyable living in a place where temperature readings never have a negative in front of them.  My grandparents lived in Phoenix during the winter, so we would visit them regularly and I learned to love the western US climate.

Although some smaller colleges were looking at me for their football teams, and I did feel like I wanted to keep playing because I missed most of my Jr. year with a busted ankle, I wanted to go to a bigger school out west.   I chose USC, where I had zero chance of playing football.  I studied biology/chemistry because my intent was to go to medical school, and my major was Business Administration.  During college, I worked as a real estate appraiser’s assistant (mainly driving comps) and worked at the LA County Hospital emergency room.

After college I moved to Phoenix because my parents moved here after we all got out of high school.  I had to complete a couple more required classes to apply to medical school, so I wanted to live with my parents while I was in school.  I also started working what I thought was temporarily  as an analyst at small bank in east Mesa called Zions Bank while I applied to medical school.  I really enjoyed the job, and banking in general, and when I was put on the wait-list for medical school admission I decided to flip to a business career.

Zions, based out of Utah, then bought a small bank called National Bank of Arizona and kept the name.  I worked there for 7 years, getting my MBA at ASU during that time.  After leaving NBA, I worked in the technology lending group at Comerica Bank until my former bosses at NBA decided to start Alliance Bank in 2003 and called me to join them.

I enjoy hiking (having done several Grand Canyon hikes), skiing, and trying to stay in shape when motivated properly.  I have 2 girls, Reagen (10) and Charlotte (5), and an 18 year old step daughter (Madison).  I am a founding member of the charity, Sun Devil Family Charities, and have been active in several other charities throughout my career.