Wayne Klug

President + CEO / Spectrum Technology Solutions

I am the President and CEO of Spectrum Technology Solutions which I founded in 2009 with an unbendable perseverance and only a $1000 cash investment. Spectrum takes care of the IT concerns for small and mid-sized businesses by providing them with reliable, scalable and secure managed IT and cloud solutions and responsive, expert IT support services whenever they are needed.

Prior to starting up Spectrum Technology Solutions, I started and operated Standard Trading Group, a global trading company specializing in the re-purpose of end of life technology assets. I also previously held the role of Program Planning & Control Manager for Honeywell Defense & Space. In this capacity I managed the budget and schedule for a $30 million portion of the ORION space shuttle program.

I am an ASU alumni and earned a BS of Global Business with an emphasis in Information Systems Management. Through an ASU study abroad program, I also studied Global Business in Beijing, China at Renmin University.

My wife, Gloria Klug, and I have been married since 2010 and she is also my business partner. We have a beautiful, smart and playful 16-month-old daughter, Emily. Gloria and Emily are the joy of my heart and it is for the sake of my family that I work to build a business and career, so that we may live a good life.

My interests outside of work include spending time with my wife and daughter, exercise, hiking, traveling, cooking, fine cuisine and wine.

AzBL is an important group to me; I find it to be filled with ambitious business professionals who are after making a difference in their own lives by contributing and providing valuable help to others. This aligns with my own purposes – to be a part of a group of individuals who can share knowledge and help in their respective areas of expertise, all for the sake of helping everyone to be more effective in our work, career and in the fulfillment of our ambitions.