• The Gold goes to Ken Pettid for the best chili in AzBL town! Pictured left to right: Bronze Medalist: Gary Naquin, Gold Medalist: Ken Pettid, and Silver Medalist: Mary Sue Lotzar
  • Judges Bob Sanders and Michele Boggs with Gold Medalists Kim Marie Branch-Pettid and Ken Pettid
  • Judges Bob Sanders and Michele Boggs with Silver Medalists: Chuck & Mary Sue Lotzar
  • Judges Bob Sanders and Michele Boggs with Bronze Medalists: Gary & Lyric Naquin
  • Bret & Michelle get greeted at a friend's holiday party with Champs!
  • AzBL Golf Outing (L to R) Bob Sanders, Chris Sharfner, Jeff Bucher
  • Pictured: Chris Sharfner, CEO of C&J Professional Cleaning Services, Inc. In a recent AzBL mini-golf outing with Bob Sanders, Chris Toale, Jeff Bucher, and Chris Sharfner, Chris finds his golf ball in a prickly situation!
  • Katie Scardello, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, April Speaker Joseph Quinlan, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and Bret Zahn, AzBL President, On Semiconductor
  • Scarlett Spring, President of Vision Gate & AzBL Vice President of Programs: Dick Lippert, Chairman & CEO, Leathers Milligan & Associates, Inc.
  • AzBL “Blues Brothers” Scott Roelofs (left) of Roelofs Capital and Steven Beeghley (right) of Sacks Tierney Sunglasses provided by Arizona Eye Specialists

The Arizona Business Leadership Association, Inc. provides its members with the opportunity to pursue excellence through its people and programs.



David Lenhardt, President & Chief Operating Officer, PetSmart

Rhoda Olsen, Chief Executive Officer, Great Clips

Robert Meyer, President & Chief Executive Officer, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Dean Kamen, Founder of DEKA Research International, Founder of FIRST

Rick Smith, Cofounder, CEO and Director, Taser International

Barry J. Giarraputo, Chief Accounting Officer and Controller, Apollo Global Management, LLC

Doug Parker, Chairman & CEO, US Airways

Scott Davis, Senior Vice President & Chief Concept Officer, Panera Bread Company

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Bill F. Miller Managing Director & Partner / Clear Growth Capital, Inc, Scottsdale

Clear Growth is an established advisory and placement boutique investment banking firm based in Scottsdale.  Clear Growth serves strong emerging growth companies revenues between $10-200MM in the west.  CGC develops institutional capital options over $1 million. CGC also offers M&A options for owners/CEOs for gradual exit or a sale.    www.cleargrowthcapital.com . FINRA compliant and licensed… Read more